The Johnslington’s Big Trip, by the Numbers

Time spent away from home: 5 months, 2 days Continents visited: 5 Countries visited: 14 Principalities visited: 1 (Yay, Liechtenstein!) International traffic tickets received: 1 (Damn you, Liechtenstein!) Brand new countries/principalities visited: 4 (Yup, including Liechtenstein.) New passport stamps received in real countries: 8 New passport stamps paid for at the tourist office of a… Continue reading The Johnslington’s Big Trip, by the Numbers


In looking back over the memories (and photos) from such a long trip, patterns start to emerge. Whether it was conscious or accidental (likely a little of both), certain experiences started to repeat themselves across our travels, leading to some fascinating and fun visual echos. Here are just a few of them: