The Johnslington’s Big Trip, by the Numbers

Time spent away from home: 5 months, 2 days

Continents visited: 5

Countries visited: 14

Principalities visited: 1 (Yay, Liechtenstein!)

International traffic tickets received: 1 (Damn you, Liechtenstein!)

Brand new countries/principalities visited: 4 (Yup, including Liechtenstein.)

New passport stamps received in real countries: 8

New passport stamps paid for at the tourist office of a place that’s not technically a real country with real passport stamping credentials but where we wanted that sweet stamp anyway: 1 (Oh, hello again, Liechtenstein!)

Hotel rooms stayed in: 17

Rental houses/apartments rented: 15

Friend’s houses put up in: 7

Friends of friend’s houses put up in: 1

Friends visited: 30

Family members seen: 11

Children of friends and family met for the first time: 6

Rental cars rented: 8

Campervans rented: 1

Holiday parks stayed in: 7

Flights taken: 13

Train trips taken: 6

Cable cars/ski lifts/funiculars ridden: 12

Summer toboggans ridden: 1 (x2)

Pools swam in: 15

Hot tubs soaked in: 2

Natural hot springs plunged in: 3

Waterslides slid down: 4

French fries eaten: a million?

International doctor visits: 2 (1 office, 1 house call)

Packages of souvenirs/stuff we didn’t need sent home: 3

Books read (Julie): 35

Books read (Dan): 45

Books read (Dan to Fiona): 15

Words written in this blog about our travels: thousands upon thousands (And we can’t thank you enough for reading them!)

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