An Update: The Train in Spain

Hello, friends and family! A quick update: While our most recent post has us stuck in Australia (not a bad place to be stuck, to be honest), our actual travels have since taken us to Bali, Singapore and now Spain, where we’re currently traveling via train from Barcelona to San Sebastian. While we figured out a solution to our broken laptop woes in Singapore (in the form of the cutest pink wireless keyboard EVER), we then proceeded to fly 14 hours overnight and have been suffering from all of the jet lag since, barely able to cobble together a coherent thought between the three of us. But now! Our brains are buzzing with impressions of our journey and stories to share, so we’ll be back to it ASAP. Till soon…

4 thoughts on “An Update: The Train in Spain

  1. Awesome. We look forward to hearing all about it. Thank u for the update. The children will be sending u a FOSF update soon


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