France – The Best Stuff We Ate

France, right? Birthplace of haute cuisine. Michelin star central. The inventors of so many classic cooking techniques and recipes, you could spend months there, just eating. Us? Well, we were not particularly aggressive – in two weeks, we had just one bistro meal. It was good, though. Anyway, here’s what stood out:

  • Croissants and donuts at Les Petits Pains de Méditerranée (no website). A perfect sidewalk breakfast in Nice.
  • Burger n’ pomme frites at the Hyatt Regency in Nice. Sure, our room was ridiculous and the view sublime, but the food was also on point. Mmm, those fries.
  • Dinner at Le Bistro Dalpozzo in Nice. We ate outside in a little parklet and enjoyed it immensely. Especially the fried garbanzo bean fritters. Yum!
  • Pastries at Au Pont Romain, delivered every morning by owner Andy. The pain au chocolat was the best of its kind we had on this trip.
  • Grilling up a mess at Au Pont Romain – particularly the Saucisse de Toulouse (pictured below). It was the biggest and best sausage. Not much more to say about that.

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