New England – The Best Stuff We Ate

New England in the late summer is a cornucopia of deliciousness! Here’s what we loved:

  • Oysters while sitting on a boat at Island Creek Oyster Farm. Delicious, briny shellfish while out on the water on a hot summer day. Yum.
  • Lobster rolls at the Green Harbor Lobster Pound. So overstuffed. So rich. So Massachusetts!
  • The salad that our friends Erin and Frank made for us for lunch in Framingham. It had everything good in it, and (like so many things in this series)… sorry, ya gotta know ’em.
  • Corn on the cob, Amherst MA. SO SWEET, SO GOOD.
  • Matt’s pizza, Amherst MA. Sorry, you gotta know Matt.
  • Breakfast at Cushman Market, Amherst. I had an egg on a roll and it was absolutely next level.
  • Lunch at The Farmhouse Tap and Grill, Burlington VT. I had fish n’ chips, and although not the best of the trip, it was quite tasty. Frankly, everything at the Farmhouse is always great.
  • Beer from Fiddlehead Brewing along with pizza from Folino’s, Shelburne VT. Always a great combo, and they’ve got a back patio now. Awesome.
  • Upscale French dip sandwich at Zero Gravity Brewing in Burlington. They’ve taken over the former restaurant space next door, and figured out basically the perfect stuff for people to eat at a bar while tasting rich IPA.
  • Ice cream, Ben and Jerry’s. Any flavor, really. A classic.
  • Homemade buttermilk pancakes from my tried-and-true recipe using real buttermilk from Animal Farm Creamery. Maybe it’s psychological, but that buttermilk made a big difference and those pancakes were perfect. You do know me, and I’d totally make them for you, but there’s no real buttermilk here!
  • Homemade harvest meal with Vermont tomatoes and corn on the cob from Trillium Hill Farm, along with a big ol’ ribeye from Shelburne Meat Market. This was our last meal before we left, and it was sublime.

New England, we (and our tummies) love you.

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