On the way!

Us, at SFO. Photo credit: D. Croak

We made it to the airport, and I’m writing from Gott’s SFO post-security. The staff here is the best. Why?

Fiona + Shirley (Temple)

Comping a mocktail for a happy 5 year old… wonderful. Thanks so much!

Next stop is Fiji. Expect some radio silence for a bit.

3 thoughts on “On the way!

  1. Happy landing! Temperatures in the lower 30’s in Los Altos this morning, so it’s warming to imagine you all in sarongs in Fiji. (Nothing sarong about that! )😁


  2. We’re going to love following your adventures. I’m also very interested in what Julie and Fiona packed. I went to all the links in Dan’s blog and it was fun. Not sure about paying ~ $100 for a t-shirt, but then, I’m not traveling in the tropics in the summer! Love, AM


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