SF to FJ Travel Necessities: 5-Year-Old Top 5

It’s a loooong way to Fiji from San Francisco. What does a jet-setting kid need to survive the 22-hour trip (across the International Date Line! into the future!) in style?

Here’s Fi’s top 5…

1. A full belly and a fancy mocktail to fuel up pre-flight

2. A largely deserted terminal, ideal for taking the new unicorn suitcase for a trial roll and riding the heck out of these awesome escalators during the long wait to board

3. In-flight entertainment to bail out your veg out when your tablet fails (Teen Titans Go! FTW!)

4. An extra seat in our row, creating just enough room for one kid and two stuffies to hit the hay (her two parents, on the other hand, got to “sleep” sitting up)

5. A fabulous outfit change, complete with welcome necklace, to beat the Fijian heat while we wait for the ferry to Malolo Island 🙂

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