Where in the World is Fiona? Sydney + Wollongong!

Our first stop in Australia was Sydney, where we stayed for three nights in a historic neighborhood near the waterfront called The Rocks. After that, we traveled south to Wollongong, where we stayed two nights with Fiona’s dad’s friend Jill, her husband Graeme, and their kids Joseph (15) and Miriam (12).  

An Interview With Fiona About Our First 5 Days in Australia

What were your favorite things to do in Sydney?  

I liked the zoo [Taronga Zoo] and the beach [Manly Beach] and breakfast there was really good. All the animals at the zoo were so cool. My favorite were the giraffes, the zebras and the koalas. I was also the first one to see the echidna—it was in the corner in a dark spot, it was quiet and curled up, nestled inside. We took a ferry there.  

Sleeping koala in a tree

What interesting sights did you see in Sydney?

From the balcony [of our hotel] we could see the Harbor Bridge, we could see the Opera House. I like the way the roof went in diamond shapes all in front of each other. And I like the way the Harbor Bridge lights up at night—it’s really beautiful.

Was it similar to home or different?

Very, very different. We don’t have an Opera House or a Harbor Bridge.

Fiona checking out the Sydney Opera House

What did you do in Wollongong?

Only just yesterday, me and Miriam and Jill and Graeme and my mom and dad went to a cool place [Bombo Headland] where we got to see smashed waves, super high waves that smashed over rocks. It was so cool—they almost got us! And after that, we went to a water hole [Kiama Blowhole]. Waves went up and splattered us. Each time it went up it made a rainbow on the rocks.

Kiama Blowhole with rainbow!

6 thoughts on “Where in the World is Fiona? Sydney + Wollongong!

  1. Fiona, what fun to be the first one to spot the echidna! I just googled a picture of one so I could remind myself what they look like. So cute. And don’t you just love the koalas? What a wonderful photo of the rainbow on the rocks at the blowhole. Sending you and your Mom and Dad lots of love, Grandma Shirley


  2. Just saw the post. How exciting! I’ll bet the children are going to want to learn a lot about this stop. The Zoo ,Koalas, the Opera house, the watering hole, Even a rainbow 🌈. We will have so much to discuss. Thank you again for letting us be a part of your journey! I can’t wait to show the community classroom and I will respond again after they’ve had a chance to see it. Best wishes! Teacher Erica


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