Where in the World is Fiona? On the Road in Australia: Jervis Bay to Melbourne!

After leaving Wollongong, we road-tripped our way southwest in a three-person campervan with overnight stops in Jervis Bay, Broulee, Eden, Kosciuszko National Park, Khancoban, Bright and Whitfield. We dropped the van in Melbourne, where Fiona’s Dad’s friend Anna lives with her partner Sim and their daughter Aelie (8). We spent three lovely nights with them in Preston, just outside the city.

An Interview With Fiona About Our Campervan Adventure and Stay in Melbourne

What was the best thing about spending 10 days living in a campervan?

I liked when we played Go Fish in the evenings around the table. I didn’t think I would like the dinner place [table where we ate dinner] but I liked that a lot.

Fiona reading on the road

Anything you didn’t like?

My bed wasn’t comfortable enough—it was too small.

Fiona hiding in her too-small bed

We stayed in a lot of caravan parks along the way. What was the best thing about those?

I liked the bouncy cushions [jumping pillows]—it’s a big rainbow lump and it’s kind of like a trampoline but bigger and bouncier and it blows up kind of like a balloon and you can bounce on it like a trampoline. I met some friends [Australian kids Olivia (8) and Noah (5) on vacation with their family] on one—they were in the caravan park [in Broulee] and so was I.

Jumping pillow in Khancoban!

Coffee is a big deal in Australia. How do kids get to enjoy it?

In Australia they have something called a babycino which is basically foamed milk and it comes with marshmallows and chocolate sugar in a tiny cup and it’s really delicious.

Pancakes and babycino for breakfast in Eden

We’ve stopped at a lot of beaches along our trip. What’s been fun about those?

I’m collecting shells. In Eden we saw some unicorn horn shells—they weren’t exactly like unicorns but they look like the horns.

Unicorn horn shells

What can you tell your friends about Australian wildlife?

There were some kangaroos right by the door of our campervan [at Kosciuszko Tourist Park] and one night [at Bright Riverside Holiday Park] a possum scared my mama—there were footsteps outside and then it peeked in the vent [on top of the van]!

Curious kangaroos in Kosciuszko

We also took some hikes. What were those like?

We took a long hike to the top of a mountain [Mt. Stilwell] and there were a bunch of jumping creatures [crickets? grasshoppers?] that were dark green and there were some that were so big they looked like lizards and we saw a mama one carrying a baby one on its back.

Fiona and her dad hiking Mt. Stilwell

We also got to go on a ski lift [in Thredbo] which is basically a bench that you sit on with a thing you pull down so you don’t fall and it takes you up to a mountain [we went as far as the lookout to Mt. Kosciuszko, mainland Australia’s highest peak].

Chairlift in Thredbo

Any other favorite things?

There was a splash park in Bright and I got to play in it. It was full of water things—everything was water! The water was cold!

Splash park in Bright

What did you do in Melbourne?

In Melbourne, I got to go somewhere [The National Gallery of Victoria] with a water wall outside—there was water sprinkling down and there was glass in the ceiling and then I got to go outside and there was a pink pool and we got to go in it!

Waterfall wall at NGV
Pink pool!

2 thoughts on “Where in the World is Fiona? On the Road in Australia: Jervis Bay to Melbourne!

  1. Oh my goodness! A PINK POOL!!I didn’t think I could be more jealous and then u get a PINK POOL! The jumping pillows, the splash park and the babycino sound pretty sweet too. I think the water wall was also cool..

    It must have been amazing to wake up to kangaroos in the morning. And hiking up a mountain. to find a bunch of grasshoppers and crickets at the top. You and Dan have inspired me to try hiking.. I will try this summer and keep u posted. Julie, I’d bet that racoon would have scared me too. Can’t wait to show the class.
    Take care❤
    Teacher Erica


  2. OMG, babycino and unicorn horn shells? And did someone say jumping pillow and splash park? Mira just booked a flight to Oz (also because she wants to eat on a plane)


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