Australia by Campervan – Jervis Bay

We left Wollongong on a gorgeous day (later than we’d planned, because campervan) and made our way to Boodaree National Park on Jervis Bay. Call it an hour and a half in a normal car, two for us. My confidence in driving Mist slowly grew as we drove, and we were pretty excited to see what was billed as the Most Beautiful White Sand Beach In The World.

Well… if it’s not that, it’s definitely close. We set up at Green Patch Campground, which is set back a bit from the beach, amongst semi-tropical woods. Boodaree is notable for national parks around here for being co-managed by the local indigenous population. They’re doing a great job – it’s a wonderful place.

And That Beach. The sand is blindingly white, and squeaks when you walk on it, almost musically. The water is astoundingly clear, and the bay makes it much calmer than most of the other beaches on the east coast that we’ve seen. We set up in the shade and frolicked a bit in the water, then made our way to our campsite, past a few kangaroos and wallabies playing in the shade of the trees.

At sunset…well, the tide was out, and we could walk in the little channel carved by the water. But mostly we sat and wondered at the sunset, and the pod of dolphins playing just offshore. Magic. Absolute magic.

The bumps are dolphins!

Then we had dinner and the battery in the campervan ran out in the middle of it and (per Julie’s post) everything took forever to get ready but…

Man, what a magical place.

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