Central Europe – The Best Stuff We Ate

I’m rolling up Prague, Croatia, and Berlin into one post and calling it “Central Europe,” because we didn’t spend all that much time in any one place (except for Croatia, where we didn’t go anywhere).

  • Homemade apricot tarts from my friend Carolyn’s neighbor at her house in Prague. It’s hard to describe these, because they’re different than American tarts, but…well, we have no photos of them because they were gone real fast.
  • Cevapi at the beach bar in Drasnice, Croatia. This was one of two meals in total we ate out there, and this dish in particular was quite good.
  • Fish from the fish guy in Drasnice. He sold his catch every day from 7 to 9am. I bought two, and getting it from caught to pan was a bit of a challenge – I had to use YouTube instructions to learn how to clean and gut a fish, then do my best at deboning. Cooked in a pan with butter and lemon, it was delicious but a pain in the neck.
  • Breakfast variety plate from Allan’s Breakfast Club in Berlin. This had a little bit of everything, and everything in it was good. I cannot recommend this place highly enough.
  • Tacos and Tommy’s Margaritas from Taqueria El Oso in Berlin. It had been months since we’d had anything resembling decent Mexican food, and El Oso is slinging the real deal.
  • Radlers in general. Beer plus lemonade on a summer day is Julie’s happy place.
  • Pretzels, also. German pretzels rule.
  • Potato salad, also. German potato salad rules.

One thought on “Central Europe – The Best Stuff We Ate

  1. Great Pix! This makes me want to go to Eastern Europe just to try the Food! Getting closer to your return. Can’t wait to see you


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