Where in the World is Fiona? Central Europe!

Fiona didn’t have too much to say about her stays in Prague, Czech Republic; Drasnice, Croatia; or Berlin, Germany—not because they aren’t wonderful places to visit, but because she was pretty sick for much of her time there. But she still managed to have some fun and make a few distinctly Fiona-y observations, so here goes!

In Prague, the scenic capital city of the Czech Republic, Fiona had some local hosts, her dad’s friend Carolyn and her kids Finlay (8) and Iona (5). We spent one big, long day doing ALL THE THINGS, including:

In the little village of Drasnice, Croatia, we stayed in an apartment that looked out over the Adriatic Sea. The beach is a little different than Fiona is used to—it’s rocky, instead of sandy, so it was tricky to walk on with bare feet, and the water is warm but extremely salty, which makes it easy to float in, but leaves your body feeling really sticky. Fi got out for a few floats in the sea, but mostly stayed indoors resting. One thing she really liked in Croatia was the cured ham we picked up at the grocery store. It was so good that she wanted to send her friends a message about it:

“Hi! I’ve been eating ham almost the entire time. I like to call my ham ‘the ham monster’ and as you can see the ham is shaped like a heart. I love the ham. It’s super good. You should try some!”

In Berlin, the big and vibrant capital city of Germany, we hung out with our friend Cate. She took us to fun playgrounds and beer gardens with yummy pretzels; on a bike ride to a Tempelhof Field, a huge park that used to be an airport where you can ride on the former runways; and to the Illuseum, an interactive museum full of cool optical illusions.

2 thoughts on “Where in the World is Fiona? Central Europe!

  1. Looks like you had a great time. I would love to spend my day sipping chocolate, viewing public art, walking over beautiful scenic bridges and ‘Dancing on the ceiling’. just one more reason for me to be jealous. 🙂


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