Where in the World is Fiona? Germany and Switzerland!

After Austria, Fiona got to spend some time with kids her age(ish) in Germany and Switzerland. First was Kaufbeuren, Germany, where some friends of Fi’s parents, Courtney and Greg, live with their three kids, Zachary (11), Ryan (9) and Lexie (7). During the weekend we were there, Fi did lots of playing, plus some biking, hiking and river wading too! Here’s what she said about it:

What was your favorite thing about hanging out with Zachary and Ryan and Lexie?

I liked playing stuffies with Lexie. Zachary does, what’s it called? Fencing! Fencing is like when you’re in a war but you’re, like, practicing with swords and armor. Guess what, one time Ryan was trying to take our stuffies and Zachary took out his fencing sword [to protect the stuffies].

Did you also play in a river together?
Yes, and got all muddy! [We wanted to] mud-coat a rock. We were trying to make it look like a statue.

In Schweiben, Switzerland, Fi got to see Finlay and Iona (our hosts in Prague) again, this time at their cabin in the Alps (part of the same mountain range we explored in Austria). We took a huge hike with Iona as our guide and got to visit some really fun naturally heated pools, complete with waterslides! We didn’t get any pictures at the pools, but Fiona had a lot to say about them:

What was your favorite thing about hanging out with Iona and Finlay in the mountains?

Pool! I liked all of the pools and I LOVED the waterslide. It was like, so, you have to scoot yourself down and you’re floating because obviously it’s a waterslide and then you go, vroooooomrooooomrooooom and then whaaaaaahh, and then you go on a big [turn] and then you go on another big one and then you go to a huge one and then another huge one and then BLACK! You can’t see any of it. And then there’s a big turn up in the thing and you’re like, whaaah, and then you come to the strong water outside and we got flipped over a bunch of times!

How did we get to and from Finlay and Iona’s house?

On a cable car!

Who operated the cable car?

Finlay. I helped him one time. I got to turn the key.

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