Austria to Switzerland – The Best Stuff We Ate

We grouped together the Stubai, Kaufbeuren, and Switzerland for this post, because they’re all pretty Alp-y.

  • Spaetzle in general, but the one Julie had at Maria Waldrast monastery was particularly good.
  • Tiroler Grostle at Elferhutte. Grostl is basically fried potatoes with eggs and some bacon, with some other stuff. It’s real good.
  • Dry-aged ribeye cooked by me from the Krosbacher meat market in Fulpmes. I didn’t grill it, but it was amazing, with a meaty, barn-y funk. Only $27 for two pounds. Wow.
  • Schnitzel at Grawa Alm. We almost didn’t have enough money to pay for it, but I would have washed dishes for this thing.
  • Breakfast in Salzburg at the Hotel Altstadt was really nice. Bonus points for having chocolate cake available, which I tried and failed to finish. How do the Austrians eat so much cake?
  • Dinner at Barenwirt in Salzburg. Great atmosphere here! We ate outside on the patio, had lovely fried chicken and apple strudel.
  • Carnivorous joy a la Greg Schroeder in Kaufbeuren. Special prize for the duck breast. Once again, sorry, you can’t have this. You gotta know Greg.
  • Mixed grill a la Mark in Schweiben, Switzerland. Not only the most incredible setting for a barbecue ever, but the food was damned good.

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