On the way!

We made it to the airport, and I’m writing from Gott’s SFO post-security. The staff here is the best. Why? Comping a mocktail for a happy 5 year old… wonderful. Thanks so much! Next stop is Fiji. Expect some radio silence for a bit.

The Wide World

I find I’m feeling a lot of feelings as our big adventure approaches—daunted, excited, anxious, incredibly grateful, vaguely removed from the whole situation (as if this thing I’m talking about is happening to someone else entirely), hassled by the sheer inconvenience of fitting ALL THE THINGS (bills! taxes! kindergarten placements!) of the next five months… Continue reading The Wide World


I used to be a backpacker – in both the American (carrying camping gear on your back and hiking for days) and the global (dude with a big backpack who is out of his home country and trying to find the cheapest possible place to sleep) senses. I kept that identity for years – anything… Continue reading Luggage