Details coming…

Folks, we are #vanlifing it, currently posting on a weak connection from Bright, Victoria. There is a lot to write about but…well, there hasn’t been a lot of downtime to write this week, for reasons that will be clear when we get to writing about it! We are fine and happy. More soon.

Hot in Fiji

Despite how it may appear on Instagram, it’s not all that easy being hot in a tropical climate. Let me clarify: While it’s extremely easy to feel swelteringly, steamily hot in the tropics, looking hot is a near impossibility. I suppose not for everyone (I’m looking at you, stunning pregnant mom of a toddler in… Continue reading Hot in Fiji

Welcome Home

You guys, Fiji is SO beautiful. And I mean, obviously. But it’s not just the lush jungle vegetation and the impossibly blue (and impossibly warm!) ocean water and the crazy sunsets (really, how does the sky even get that color?)—it’s how welcome we’ve felt here. Every step of the way since we landed—at the airport,… Continue reading Welcome Home