Austria to Switzerland – The Best Stuff We Ate

We grouped together the Stubai, Kaufbeuren, and Switzerland for this post, because they’re all pretty Alp-y. Spaetzle in general, but the one Julie had at Maria Waldrast monastery was particularly good. Tiroler Grostle at Elferhutte. Grostl is basically fried potatoes with eggs and some bacon, with some other stuff. It’s real good. Dry-aged ribeye cooked… Continue reading Austria to Switzerland – The Best Stuff We Ate

Stunned by Stubai

As you know, I love me some mountains, and we’ve certainly seen our fair share as we made our way around the world. We’ve been to Faerie. We’ve hiked in tremendous, previously unknown-to-us jagged peaks. We spied the highest point on a continent. But… man, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen mountains as rugged… Continue reading Stunned by Stubai